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2007/2008 BMW M3 spied
(2006年6月2日:Leftlane News)

 Photographer Brooks Uhrig ― member of the SB Euro Club discussion forums ― snapped several great photos of a 2007/2008 BMW M3 coupe prototype in testing in Santa Barbaraa. These are the first photos we’ve seen of the new car, which is now wearing less disguise than ever. Based on the 2007 BMW 3-Series coupe, the car is distinguished by its wider fender flares and quad tail pipes. The front, side, and rear skirts are placeholders, and the makeshift hood barely conceals the big V8 beneath. The M3 coupe will offer over 400 horsepower, and will debut later this year or early next. [Thanks to Vic Welsh and Jason for the tip]. Full images after the jump…

 次期M3のテスト車両は、「BBS LM」と「Michelin PS2」の組み合わせを履いているようです。
(一部写真では、「BBS RR」か「BMW M Cross Spoke」っぽいですが)



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